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Holistic insurance – Complementary Therapy Insurance

Holistic therapy is all about getting the balance right. Complementary therapies are designed to bring together body, mind and spirit to treat whatever condition your patients are suffering from.
Of course, a peaceful mind is just as important for a therapist too and that’s why is vital to have the right kind of holistic insurance in place.
Many clients will find their lives transformed by a visit to a holistic therapist, but for some the experience may not be so positive. At the very least, you may have lost a bit of business, but at worst, you could find yourself facing some form of legal action.
A dissatisfied client can take a malpractice case against you and if that happens, you will be glad you took advantage of holistic insurance services.
Having a holistic and complementary therapist insurance policy can help you deal with any problems that may arise.
Our insurance policies will cover wide range of areas, to make sure you have everything covered.

Malpractice and products liability

This is designed to protect you from claims made by clients or other third parties you do business with. It will help you pay any compensation that arises from any legal action brought against you.
Compensation can be sought for accidental injury or illness, faulty goods or products which are used in the course of treatment or are sold to a client and damage or injury caused by negligence. An action can also be taken against you for breach of confidentiality, whether in verbal, email or any other published form.
For a claim to be brought against you, it must be as the result of something that has happened as result of your carrying out your business.
This aspect of holistic insurance also covers you for actions by your employees. It can protect you against employee theft or damage or loss of business property.
Cover can also apply to you if you are carrying out demonstrations or delivering tutorials or lectures.
There are certain exclusions to this cover so make sure you study the policy paperwork carefully and consult holistic therapy services before taking out any form of cover.

Public Liability

Whilst your malpractice insurance will protect you from any claims made against you for an injury or damage caused as a result of your treatment or therapy, what would happen if a member of the public was injured?  Perhaps somebody trips over your kit bag or slips on some liquid you have spilt.  In these instances, public liability insurance is really important and will cover the cost of any compensation together with any legal fees incurred in defending your claim.

Public liability insurance cover often starts at a minimum limit of £1,000,000 but can be increased to £5,000,000 for an additional charge

Personal accident

This aspect of cover will pay out in the result of an injury suffered while carrying out business which results in a holistic therapist not being able to continue in employment. It will also pay an amount to your organisation in the event of death which is proved to have been caused while working.
Personal accident cover will also pay out for a specified period of time if the insured party suffer injury which temporarily makes them unable to work.
It can also cover medical expenses and the cost of renovations to the insured’s home or place of work should an injury require such measure be put in place.  Please note that this cover is often available as a separate policy.

Business stock and equipment

While a holistic therapist’s clients are their most valuable commodities, there are things which they can’t run their business without. Cover for stock and equipment can cover you for loss or damage to the little things which make your therapy business tick along.
This covers you for accidental or unintentional damage to stock and equipment which you use for your business. It can also compensate you for loss of stock and money as a result of theft.
Stock which is in transit either to your business or to a client is also covered as is the loss of any money held in connection to the business.
Business stock and equipment cover can also protect against damage to your personal belongings or those of your employees on your business premises.
It can also cover any personal assault claims which arise if you or an employee is injured due to a robbery of the business premises.
As with all forms of cover, exclusions may apply so it is important to study the small print and insure you have comprehensive and balanced coverage to give peace of mind. Please note that cover for your stock and equipment and your business money is often an optional cover and can be added to your holistic or complementary therapy insurance policy.  Some insurers do not even offer this level of cover so be careful to check out the small print before making your decision.

Holistic Treatment: Aromatherapy and Benefits

25 July 2017

Aromatherapy aims to provide peace, both in body and mind and obtaining the right aromatherapy insurance can also put your mind at ease. Using essential oils, there are many benefits of aromatherapy.
From eradicating headaches and anxiety, to making you more alert and aiding digestion, it’s amazing how effective the natural oils can be.
Aromatherapy works by stimulating your sense of smell and the oils can be make their way into your nose in a number of ways. Smelling the oil directly, rubbing it on your skin through massage or enjoy them in a hot bath can all release the soothing power of aromatherapy.

The oils themselves are extracted from nature, so you can relax knowing that no artificial elements are at play.
Operating as an aromatherapist can be tremendously rewarding and using essential oils on a daily basis can be very satisfying. What can be equally satisfying is knowing you have the right kind of cover in the form of aromatherapy insurance.
Aromatherapist use many essential oils and each have their own unique benefits.

Lavender oil
A good night’s sleep can be greatly aided with a little drop of lavender oil on your pillow just before you nod off. But isn’t only insomnia sufferers who can derive benefit from lavender oil. It can also ease pain, boost circulation and get rid of nervous tension. Lavender oil can also cleanse the body as it can be used as a disinfectant for the skin and scalp.
Chamomile Oil
Another great all round, chamomile oil is great for easing pain and discomfort. It can greatly aid digestion and reducing inflammation of the urinary and digestive system.
Chamomile oil can also greatly reduce pain and repair injuries in muscles, joints and bones as well as treat arthritis and rheumatism. It has great calming qualities and can used to combat high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. It can also be used to treat skin blemishes, scars and spots, making you feel great inside and out.

Tea tree oil
Although aromatherapy can be a relaxing experience, tea tree oil is real little fighter. It can be used to reinforce your body’s immune system and boost healthy skin and hair.  It is a great example of the super powers possessed by nature as it contains hundreds of nutrients found in many plants.
Peppermint Oil
A refreshing taste and a distinctive smell, peppermint is all around us everyday. Toothpaste, chewing gum, soap, tea and even ice cream can be flavoured with peppermint oil. However, there are many benefit to your wellbeing as well. Peppermint oil is excellent at soothing indigestion and can also used to treat respiratory problems as well as nausea, fever and headaches.
Stomach and bowel discomfort can also be eased with the use of pepermint oil.
No matter which way essential oils are used, there is a huge range of benefits to be gained to our overall health and wellbeing.
Aromatherapy is an effective way of dealing with long-standing medical issues, but is not intended to replace medication prescribed by healthcare professional, If you are considering pursuing a course a course of a aromatherapy, make sure to consult your doctor or other healthcare professsional.

Aromatherapy Insurance
Qualified aromatherapist are committed to ensuring the continued wellbeing of their clients. To do this, they themselves must put their minds at ease with reliable and effective aromatherapy insurance. We provide a wide range of aromatherapy treatment through our Holistic Gold package and want to make sure that client and aromatherapist are equally at ease.

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